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Log Studio™ represents a completely new approach to geoscience software. The platform is orchestrated and created by software scientists to ensure unique and unprecedented quality in terms of architecture, scalability, maintainability, functionality and usability.

Log Studio™ is the Petroware reference implementation for WITSML and related real-time technologies. The program contains a rich set of functionality for working with digital well logs and related E&P data.

Note that the pure WITSML data access is only a tiny part of building a full-scale real-time E&P application. A client application must be able to do concurrent access across multiple object sources and propagate the data asynchronously into a thread-safe data model. Requested log curves may reside in different log sets, each measured against separate Z references. Log data may be organized in runs that possibly must be spliced live. The amount of data may be vast, and the client must be prepared to do multiple queries to complete each server request. The client program must gracefully handle unstable network connections, and should be able to operate 24/7 without interruption. Log Studio™ addresses all of these issues.

From its domain within petrophysics, geology and reservoir engineering, Log Studio™ is a research platform for:


  • Advanced software architecture and scalability
  • Real-time technology
  • Parallelism and multi-threading
  • User experience (UX) and usability analysis
  • Very large data volume management
  • Communication security through cryptography
  • Modern web-technology and 3D graphics
  • Advanced image processing
  • Software development process and project management


As of Q1/2021, Log Studio™ features includes:

  • Support for common data formats such as DLIS, LIS, LAS 2.0, LAS 3.0, BIT, XTF, ASC, CSV, XLSX, SPWLA, SEG-Y, EBD
  • Full support for the open and modern JSON Well Log Format
  • Full Fluxens real-time support
  • Real-time WITSML access (all versions) for all Energistics defined data types
  • Conversion between data formats and versions
  • Direct upload of data to WITSML stores
  • Complete editor for all properties of all WITSML data types
  • Advanced visualization and interaction techniques
  • Graphics export (PDF, CGM, PNG, HTML) and scaled hardcopy support
  • High quality tabular exports through custom spreadsheet connectors
  • Unit conversions using Energistics' elaborate online quantity database
  • Advanced curve computation engine with spreadsheet-like formula definitions
  • Synthetic log set generation
  • Automatic curve classification through extensive online and offline provider catalogs
  • Real-time access to Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) FactPages database
  • WITSML well/wellbore creation directly from NPD
  • Advanced and flexible WITSML real-time dashboard with visual and audio alarms
  • Real-time Quick-Look interpretation (with write-back) from WITSML log streams
  • Real-time gas analysis from WITSML log streams
  • Real-time pore pressure estimation
  • Advanced log set manipulation, combination, depth shifting, filtering, thresholding and more
  • Advanced time and location awareness for global data management
  • Rich set of data analysis graphics through scatter plots, crossplots, histograms and charts
  • Integrated virtual light table for visual log image compare and analysis
  • Dynamic multi-culture and language support
  • Accessors for third-party software like OpenWorks®, Recall™ and Petrel/Techlog


Petroware agressively picks processes, concepts, technology and components to continuously improve Log Studio™. Considerable parts of the product are based on free or open source software.
  • Based on the latest Java 8 technology from Oracle
  • Advanced multi-threaded architecture
  • Java FX 8 for web content and advanced 3D graphics
  • Web communication through SOAP, WSDL and WebSocket
  • TLS 1.2 for data communication integrity
  • Advanced memory mapped I/O for fast access to multi-GB volumes
  • Full WITSML 2.0 (ETP) support through JWitsml
  • WITSML 1.4 and 1.3 support through JWitsml
  • JAI for manipulation and visualization of very large images
  • JavaScript for curve computation language and client plug-ins
  • Highly customized track plots based on GeoToolkit™ from INT
  • Web-prepared output based on HTML5
  • Multilingual through translation text plug-ins
  • Transparent online licensing control: No license server or license files!
  • Skinable Look & Feel
  • Extreme execution reliability due to 24/7 real-time requirements
  • Advanced execution logging mechanisms and self-diagnosis
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac-OS and Solaris platforms
  • Include light-weight installer for single-click deployment
  • Automated updates
  • Integrated issue tracking environment for enhanced user collaboration
  • Source code version controlled using Git with continuous integration, code complexity analysis, unit testing and test coverage control
Open as PDF: Log Studio fact sheet
Table Plot Statistics Crossplot Fact map Dashboard Rig
Fact sheet


Play File handling
Illustrates the capabilities of Log I/O and how the library is used in Log Studio. Shows how to access raw DLIS content. Shows overall features like plotting, unit conversion and cross-plotting. Shows how to convert files between well log formats with single button clicks. Shows various export features.
Play Plotting
Illustrates some of the plotting capabilities in Log Studio. Shows track layouts and plotting features and how to build reusable track and plot templates.
Play Quick Look
Illustrates how Log Studio can be used to make instant interpretations (Quick Look) on a live WITSML stream in just a few button clicks.
Illustrates the capabilities of JWitsml and how the library is used in Log Studio.
Play WITSML Upload
Shows how well log content from various sources are uploaded to WITSML with single button clicks.
Play JavaScript Engine
Shows how to create synthetic log sets, copying content from various sources, making computed content using the powerful JavaScript engine and finally storing the end result.
Play NPD
Illustrates the capabilities of NPD I/O and how the library is used in Log Studio. Shows the NPD data model and their associated views.
Play Bulk convert
Illustrates how Log Studio can be used to bulk convert well log files in a single button click. The example shows how legacy well log files from the Volve field is converted to the modern JSON Well Log Format.

Use this module to harmonize data for analytics purposes or similar.